UK business leaders affected by increased uncertainty and stress
UK business leaders affected by increased uncertainty and stress

UK business leaders affected by increased uncertainty and stress

Business leaders in the UK are feeling the strain caused by increased stress and uncertainty.

In a study of 1,000 workplaces in a report by the commercial arm of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, it has found that UK business leaders are struggling to cope with various pressures in the rapidly-changing marketplace.

Political uncertainty, greater scrutiny and increased competition are all contributing to the fact that 81% of senior leaders in business say they find it difficult to remain calm when faced with certain situations.

Of these business leaders, 37% said that being in high-pressure situations makes it more difficult for them to express their thoughts; this includes a mixture of senior managers, directors and C-Suite.

The situations that were found to affect the ability of managers to relax and act authentically include board meetings with senior people – cited as a leading factor.

Training sessions and video conference calls were the second biggest causes of nervousness, whilst small group meetings also seems to be an issue that hinders the abilities of leaders to think clearly.

It means that business leaders struggle to convey calm and authority when they feel under pressure, leading to many to seek extra training about how to adapt successfully to change.

Rachel Griffiths is the Client Director at RADA Business. She spoke about how leaders need to act to maintain authority.

“In any given moment, on any given stage, it is the role of a leader to create and sustain a genuine connection with their audience. It is this powerful leadership performance that encourages people to follow you and make positive change.

“Maintaining leadership performance through times of uncertainty demands a greater need to remain present, to align your physical, emotional and intellectual state. This is particularly challenging in the moment when you find yourself needing to think on your feet.”

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