ONS release regional labour productivity data for the UK
ONS release regional labour productivity data for the UK

ONS release regional labour productivity data for the UK

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released research that has studied regional labour productivity in the UK.

It looks at output during 2018 in the workplace, which varied significantly depending on the region of the UK.

London was 31.6% above the UK average, while Wales was 17.2% below; all other regions and countries of the UK had a level of productivity that lay somewhere in between.

In terms of output per hour, London and the South East (9.1%) were the two regions that were above the national average; although others such as Wales and Northern Ireland were well below the national average, others such as Scotland and the East of England were only just below that level.

In half of the 12 regions and countries, productivity increased during 2018.

Of these regions, both Scotland and the East Midlands enjoyed rises of more than 2%.

The South East, West Midlands, East of England and London were all saw a rise in productivity.

By way of contrast in the regional labour productivity set of data, output per hour fell in Yorkshire and the Humber by at least 2%, as did that of Northern Ireland.

The other four regions that experienced a fall in 2018 – albeit only slightly in most cases – were Wales, the North East, the South West and the North West.

Elsewhere in the main points outlined, the ONS reveal which regions of the UK have contributed to overall growth in output.

According to the regional labour productivity release, the South East and Scotland both contributed 0.2% to overall growth in output per hour in the UK during 2018.

Again, there is a contrast, and once again it is Yorkshire and the Humber, where a contraction in output per hour led to an overall reduction in UK productivity of 0.2%.

The data reveals that while some areas are performing, there is still the need for solutions to help to drag up productivity even more.

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