New study identifies best university for students to start a business
New study identifies best university for students to start a business

New study identifies best university for students to start a business

A new study has identified the university which has the most students currently owning or managing a business.

Commissioned by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, the research studied more than 9.5 million former university students in the UK, which found out which university has the most students who would either start or run a business.

According to the research, the entrepreneurial spirit is strong, with many either already owning a business, or harbouring serious aspirations to create a start-up, or become a CEO in future.

The University of Arts London, known for its creative students, has been revealed as the best in the UK for starting and running a business; though the university ranks at number 39 in the league tables, it ranks as number one for students either owning or managing a business currently.

This equates to almost one in five students.

The research also found that more than 9% of students will start their own companies once their degrees are completed.

Falmouth University ranks second for those students with aspirations of running or owning a company, with 19.77% of students outlining plans to create a start-up or become a CEO.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) makes up the top three higher education establishments with students who aspire to become CEOs, with one in six of its alumni becoming business leaders, while almost one in 10 of its students will fulfil job roles of Managing Director or CEO.

Oxford and Cambridge feature next, and though the top universities for business leaders seem to be located down south, establishments in the north of the UK also generated impressive results.

At the University of Bradford, one in eight graduates are forming start-ups, while the University of St Andrews is the second-best performing higher education institution in the north, with 11.9% of alumni becoming CEOs and business owners.

The universities of Cumbria, Manchester and Salford aren’t far behind the former two.

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