Mind launch mental health training toolkit for small businesses

Mind launch mental health training toolkit for small businesses

The mental health charity, Mind, has launched a Mental Health for Small Workplaces toolkit.

A new training toolkit, it will help organisations make a significant step change in its mental health training provision.

Research shows that much more needs to be done, as many organisations do not have any mental health training schemes for its management.

The information from the Institute of Directors (IoD) reveals that small and medium organisations often fall behind their larger counterparts in the provision of training to guard against mental health illness.

Given that small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99% of the businesses in the UK, the lack of adequate training presents a serious problem.

Elsewhere in the survey from the IoD, 60% of respondents say no training is currently offered to management within their organisations.

A number of factors can contribute to this – lack of information, constraints of budgets which could certainly affect smaller businesses, while time constraints can also play a part.

In order to address this serious issue, Mind has launched a toolkit that includes a free online-based training programme that comes complete with three modules that each take 20 minutes to complete.

These focus on building awareness, looking after yourself and supporting each other.

All subjects are explored through a mixture of text, illustrations, interactive activities, videos from employees, and practical tips that can be put to use straight away.

Employers and managers can also access a free PDF guide with tips and advice on deploying Mental Health for Small Workplaces in their organisations.

Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes (Strategy and Development), explained the benefits of the new initiative.

She said: “We know that, as a small workplace, people are your most valuable asset.

“Paying attention to their mental health has never been more important and it’s easier than you think to get started.

“Mind has worked with the Federation of Small Businesses and with people in smaller workplaces across the UK, to create some free, quick online training to build your staff’s confidence in thinking of talking about mental health.

“Accessing help and advice should be straightforward, but our research tells us that only 23% of employees working in small organisations felt comfortable disclosing poor mental health.

“We hope the Mental Health for Small Workplaces toolkit is a step in the right direction to everyone having access to better mental health.”

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