HR professionals lack understanding of impact of Brexit
HR professionals lack understanding of impact of Brexit

HR professionals lack understanding of impact of Brexit

Very few HR professionals are satisfied with their understanding of the impact that Brexit will have on their workforce.

This has been discovered in a webinar by Sterling, called Background Screening, Brexit and Best Practice Considerations for Employers, with findings that just 5% of HR professionals are ‘very comfortable’ with their own understanding of the impact on Brexit and how that will affect their workforce.

60% of respondents said they were ‘uncomfortable’ with their understanding on the issue.

The Withdrawal Act – perhaps the most important piece of legislation in a generation – is now enshrined in law and Britain will officially leave the European Union at the end of January.

It is still difficult to predict the impact this will have on trade, business confidence – though some decisiveness has alleviated the worry according to other research – and, of course, the workforce.

The webinar offered advice to HR professionals, urging them to put compliance steps in place so that any potential risks are minimised.

Steve Smith, Managing Director EMEA at Sterling, commented: “While the uncertainty from businesses towards Brexit is worrying – it’s important that HR teams aren’t daunted by the UK’s exit from the EU. By taking action now, firms can thrive in a post-Brexit era, with or without a deal.

“If firms take the time to understand the ins and outs of the EU settlement scheme, right to work processes, sponsored status, and cross-border data transfers, HR professionals can be confident in future-proofing their business no matter what happens.

“Preparation is key to change. By making sure the right resources, knowledge and processes are in place, HR teams will be in a great position to adapt to post-Brexit challenges.”

After the leave date of 31 January, businesses have an 11-month transition period, but it is important to ensure settlement scheme applications are in place in the event of a no deal scenario.

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