Global IT leaders blame transformation initiatives for outages
Global IT leaders blame transformation initiatives for outages

Global IT leaders blame transformation initiatives for outages

Almost two thirds of global IT leaders have blamed their own transformation initiatives for outages and brownouts.

This information was found in the IT Downtime Detection and Migration Report from LogicMonitor, which blamed initiatives such as cloud and artificial intelligence for taking their organisations offline.

Approximately 300 global IT leaders were surveyed, and the results from these decision makers found that despite the importance of availability in operating a successful business, outages and brownouts are nearly omnipresent.

Of those global IT leaders surveyed, 96% said they had experienced at least one outage in the last three years, with 95% experiencing at least one brownout during that time.

LogicMonitor’s Chief Product Officer, Tej Redkar, said the cost of transformation is greater than anybody could have realised.

“The pressure is mounting for IT leaders to prepare their organisations for the future, but the impact and cost of these transformation initiatives are far greater than anyone realised.

“Our research finds that the very initiatives that are supposed to be helping modernise global organisations are in fact contributing to an initial spike in outages and brownouts, costing organisations time and money.”

IT teams are in demand for the purposes of enacting modernisation and transformation initiatives; however, these are viewed as high risk by those leaders who are requesting them.

The survey revealed that 65% of global IT leaders at executive level believe the initiatives are making brownouts and outages more common.

Regardless of the risks, these transformative initiatives are being implemented by IT leaders.

Despite the best efforts however, the report found that almost 50% of outages and 47% of brownouts are unavoidable. It makes it crucial for the impact of this downtime to be minimised by IT teams.

In order to prevent downtime, 75% of leaders said the most important tactic is performing preventative maintenance, with reviewing system logs supported by 71% of respondents.

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