Geesink Norba


Geesinknorba is one of Europe’s leading providers of refuse collection vehicles to both public and private sector operators. We design and manufacture a range of specialist vehicle bodies and bin-lifting equipment, which can be mounted on any chassis. We focus on innovation and on delivering the products that our customers need to meet the requirements of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

The company has been operating for more than 80 years and combines three brands: Geesink, Norba, and Kiggen. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and we have offices and distributors throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our UK base is in Llantrisant, South Wales, and we currently have more than 1,000 products in service in the UK, from Jersey to Aberdeen.

Li-On Power Pro electric RCV

In recent years we have focused on finding viable alternatives to diesel fuel. Our hybrid technology has been available in the UK since 2009 and we launched the world’s first all-electric, rear-loading refuse collection vehicle in 2017.

The Li-On Power Pro is a chassis-independent system powered by lithium-ion batteries mounted beneath the loading body. Zero-emission and low-noise, it is designed for use in stop-start urban environments and could save operators up to £56,000 a year in fuel costs over a diesel RCV.


For those customers for whom electric is not yet a viable option, our focus on innovation and quality means that we also offer more conventional solutions that still improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and lower operating costs.

Lightweight, strong, and durable, our GPM IV series vehicles are among our most popular in the UK, and they come in a range of sizes as well as multiple-chambered combi-split vehicles, enabling different waste and recycling factions to be collected simultaneously.

N4 rear-loader

Geesinknorba N4

Launched in 2018, the N4 takes account of the realities and challenges of today’s waste and recycling collections. Light and more manoeuvrable, it offers increased payload, improved weight distribution, lower fuel usage, and an enhanced environmental profile. We also offer the N4 in hybrid or all-electric variants.

The N4 is available in body sizes from 9 to 28m³. It has one of the fastest packing cycle on the market, a fast and efficient slide-and-sweep mechanism, and ten compaction levels to ensure smooth processing of collections.

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