CISOs flag emerging technologies as leading cyber risk
CISOs flag emerging technologies as leading cyber risk

CISOs flag emerging technologies as leading cyber risk

Emerging technologies have been pinpointed as a leading cyber risk in 2020.

Infosecurity Europe canvassed C-level security professionals about what they expected this year in terms of trends, challenges and risks.

Many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) highlighted the risks associated with new and emerging technologies that will become more widely adopted over the coming year.

Peter Gooch, Deloitte cyber risk partner, spoke about what the year holds in store, and where emerging technologies present risks to security.

He said: “2020 will see more deployment of security automation tools. Where this is done well, it will allow organisations to adapt rapidly to changing attack tactics.

“Where it is done poorly, it will be more complicated to unpick.

“There will be a drive for more transparency when contracting for cloud services, with vendors required to expose more data and events for consumption by SIEM tools, and to evidence security practices and capabilities closer to real time.

“Hackers are increasingly targeting unstructured data to hide and launch attacks, so the priority is to implement robust governance.

“More than 100 companies worldwide will begin testing private 5G by the end of 2020, which could increase the attack surface, making data flows harder to follow and the job of those responsible for securing them more challenging.”

Vulnerabilities with AI and IoT have also been flagged up as something to keep track of in 2020, and although the likes of skills shortages and GDPR don’t seem to be high on the list of concerns for 2020, Nicole Mills, Senior Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, believes these challenges remain.

“There was less emphasis on the skills shortage and GDPR in our CISOs’ predictions this year, but we do need to remember that these challenges haven’t gone away.

“The ‘talent gap’ is still growing, and we need to continue working together as an industry to find solutions.

“While GDPR is not the burning issue it was in 2018, organisations can’t rest on their laurels.”

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