Businesses must do more to protect from cyber security breaches
Businesses must do more to protect from cyber security breaches

Businesses must do more to protect from cyber security breaches

Businesses in the UK – and in particular, small firms – must do more to protect from cyber security breaches.

The data from the Cyber Security Breaches reveals a worrying lack of planning for any potential hacking.

According to the available information, 43% of businesses experienced a breach in cyber security over the last 12 months; the fact that almost three quarters of businesses say security from data breaches and hacking is a high priority for senior management in their organisation would suggest an understanding of the problem, and a willingness to get a handle on this.

However, the number of organisations with a cyber security policy in place has worryingly fallen over the last 12 months covered by the government’s data.

And the figure for small firms is even worse; only 26% of these businesses have a formal policy in place.

This is surprising when you consider that 42% of SMEs – that is those that are employing less than 50 people – have been breached over the last year, with 20% of these businesses taking more than a day to recover from the breach.

What is even more shocking is that less than 20% of small firms actually train their staff to be cyber aware.

It highlights the need for businesses to undertake a few techniques that will help to protect their organisations from all but the most determined and sophisticated hackers.

The government recommends employees should download software and app updates as soon as they appear; strong passwords should be put in place – all different from the last – with numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters all included.

Elsewhere, emails that are deemed suspicious need to be deleted; malicious emails are one way in which security breaches are initiated, so removing them immediately would prevent this.

Crucially, businesses should always update staff and other stakeholders about the importance of security, therefore spreading good practice.

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